Obamacare Model Shows Significant Drop in Mortality Rate

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New York Times: The Massachusetts death rate fell by almost 3% between 2007 and 2010 after the state “adopted mandatory health care coverage in 2006, a study released Monday found, offering evidence that the country’s first experiment with universal coverage — and the model for crucial parts of President Obama’s health care law — has saved lives, health economists say.”

“‘It’s big,’ said Samuel Preston, a demographer at the University of Pennsylvania and an authority on life expectancy. “Professor Preston … said it added to a growing body of evidence that people with health insurance could reap the ultimate benefit — longer life.”

“The authors identified 513 counties in 46 other states that were most similar to Massachusetts before reform in demographics and levels of poverty and insurance, then compared their mortality rates with that of Massachusetts. They found that the rate declined 2.9 percent in Massachusetts, but remained flat in counties outside the state.”

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  • Yeah, but a crucial difference between Massachusetts’ model and Obamacare, of critical importance, is the death panels. Once those things start kicking in, that 3% drop in mortality will sky rocket to like, a 25% increase. Marx my words, all you Muslim atheist commie socialist traitors. Mercka.

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