Americans Just Aren’t That Concerned About Climate Change

New York Times: “Perhaps more than people in any other rich nation, Americans are skeptical that climate change is a dire issue.”

“Americans rarely cite environmental concerns when asked in polls to name the most important problem facing the country. In the last several years, the economy, jobs, the budget deficit and health care garnered the most mentions, with the environment barely registering.”

“In the Pew poll, fewer Americans cited climate change as a top threat than cited financial instability, Islamic extremism, Iran’s nuclear program or North Korea’s nuclear program.”

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  • eastwest49

    Yesterday on NPR: interviews with beleaguered Aussie farmers who are in denial about climate change as a way to buck up and keep on keeping on. They’re in the the grip of decades of drought. We in America have so many opportunities for invention and prosperity around these problems, but fear of change and carbon industry/righty propaganda has backed people off. Let’s hope that the preponderance of felt effects will now swiftly turn the tide.

    • carlos

      Tell me, please, if the American Dust Bowl of the 1930’s was caused by global warming, inasmuch as it was far worse than present drought conditions? “Yesterday on NPR” says it all. The same folks who claim that the polar bears are drowning….

    • philofthefuture

      The problem is government can’t do this. The bulk of CO2 is from individuals, i.e. housing and transportation. Obama is not going to pass out free solar panels and EV’s. We are already transitioning from coal to natural gas and building out utility scale wind while solar is doubling year over year. What else do people expect? EV’s are already here, FCV’s will be here by year end, solar can be bought over the internet. The government has done it’s part, 30% solar tax credit, $7500 towards an EV, what’s your excuse?
      If you want action now, time to step up to the plate and fill your roof with panels and buy a Leaf. If you aren’t willing to put your money where your mouth is, why should anyone believe you? It isn’t the Koch brothers creating deniers, it’s hypocritical believers only wanting to spend other peoples money.

      P.S. if you do have panels and a Leaf, hat’s off to you, you are the rare exception.

      • eastwest49

        By moving closer to work, I have been able to reduce my automobile use from 15k to 5-6 k per year: many people do this in reaction to high fuel prices. We are also able to make use of solar-derived energy underwritten by a government utility that has built a huge solar facility in the southwest. Not perfect, but incrementally better. The Koch’s PACs are going after renewable industries in many states. For instance, to outlaw the selling back into the grid excess electricity generated by solar equipped homeowners. The necessary solutions are and will be many, utilizing both private enterprises and public infrastructure, but personal virtue by itself is not enough.

  • Buzz Allnight

    Since there is no “global warming” or “climate change” or what ever spin name will be used next this chart shows where the smartest people in the world are.
    We in the USA are just faster at detecting and debunking this fraud!

  • carlos

    Credit Americans with good common sense in not being scammed by a United Nations fomented hoax that implicates carbon dioxide–not “carbon”–as the primary culprit in alleged heating of the surface of the planet. There has been no recorded temperature increase in almost 20 years, based on satellite data, the only true measure of surface temperature.The true UN motive (in conjunction with Obama) calls for a massive transfer of wealth from the US to third world countries, with UN functionaries stealing (as usual) fabulous amounts for themselves.It really steams crooked politicians when the American people don’t fall into line with the latest scam designed to take their cash.

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