Another Obamacare Attack Debunked

Sam Baker: “Health insurance companies say the number of people who paid their Obamacare premiums will be higher than House Republicans implied.”

“The House Energy and Commerce Committee said last week that, based on information it received from insurers, only 67 percent of people who signed up for private coverage through Obamacare’s exchanges had gone on to pay their first month’s premium.”

“Energy and Commerce’s figure included people who signed up for coverage but whose first premium hadn’t come due at the time of the committee’s inquiry. And that’s a lot of people.”

“Wellpoint, the largest insurer in the Obamacare exchanges, said the payment rate is closer to 90 percent among people who reached their first payment deadline.”

“The committee’s 67 percent figure will remain true only if none of those people make their first payment. And that seems unlikely: Insurers said their 80 percent to 90 percent payment rate was consistent across all six months of the open-enrollment period.”

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  • Odelay

    “The committee’s 67 percent figure will remain true only if none of those people make their first payment.”

    So it is true.

    • Fabian

      Just like its true to say that you haven’t paid your heating bill for May.

    • Lorehead

      No, it’s already out of date, and was misleading even a month ago.

    • DC_Whitt

      No dude, they have not been billed yet. Get it now?

  • danguisugly

    These numbers all ignore the crucial point, of course, which is 80% of the people signing up WON’T BE PAYING A PREMIUM AS THEY ARE ON MEDICARE.

    Worse yet, if you’re a skeptic of this administration (i.e., wise), we may learn that the 80% who get welfare payments to cover it are included in the paid number (oh look, the Medicaid premium was paid by the treasury! Hurray)

  • carlos

    As you know, Obama delayed further implementation of his health plan (in full violation of the Law of the Land) in order to minimize the effect of the next cascade of insurance policy cancellations, which will be far larger than the first. Health care be damned when politics is involved.

  • David Adam

    Why hasn’t obama released the true numbers? Case Closed!

  • Kevj1

    A friend of mine said he got O-care for $95 a month and asked me if that was good. So, we printed it out and I asked him what was his deductible? He said “What”? I said “when you get hurt how much do you have to pay before O-care kicks in?” $95 a month, he said. So, I got to page 18, and highlighted $4255
    He fell of his chair. He will average around $420 per month. minus a subsidy of
    $19. He will not participate. If the Republicans had come up with this, the Dems would have a Running Clock on every news channel showing the true numbers, good or bad. We should start a group of stats to roll as it goes, lost policies, new sign ups, new Medicaid and drop outs.
    If this Health Insurance Government scheme is so damn good, why DELAY it 39 times? Why give out 1,000’s of waivers and exemptions? Why isn’t Congress forced to use it as our Constitution mandates? Why do they(Odrama) fear the truth and insist on lying to his employer’s? We can handle the truth.

  • al

    Again I post. Forgive if you’ve seen it. Medicare and supplemental just went up 20% and Medicare now covers less of your costs, especially blood work. My daughter’s policy for her and her family went from $350/month–$1500 deduct. to $750/month–$5000 deduct. My friend and his wife had a catastrophic policy that cost them $300 with $5000 deduct and it went to $700…$15,000 deductible. Of course he could not pay it so he now has no insurance. But, –your insurance costs will go down …uh…$2500 a year! And…if you like your doctor and your insurance… can keep it–PERIOD. And you know the rest. My doctor says she will no longer be seeing a lot of her patients but they don’t know it yet. The nurse who just did my blood drawing said three of the doctors she works for will not take ANY insurance from now on…all cash. Oh yes, this will be great.

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