DOE Awards $141 Million to ‘Innovative’ Offshore Wind Energy Projects

Department of Energy: “As a part of the Administration’s all-of-the-above energy strategy, the Energy Department announced [Wednesday] the selection of three pioneering offshore wind demonstrations to receive up to $47 million each over the next four years to deploy innovative, grid-connected systems in federal and state waters by 2017.”

“These projects – located off the coast of New Jersey, Oregon and Virginia – will help speed the deployment of more efficient offshore wind power technologies. Building on the Energy Department’s broader efforts to launch a competitive and sustainable offshore wind industry in the United States, these demonstration projects will help further lower costs, drive greater performance and clear hurdles to installing more utility-scale turbines in U.S. waters.”

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  • carlos

    Interesting how the announcement neglects to name any of the recipients of this largesse, or why such sums are necessary when we are repeatedly told that massive and irresistible investments are being made every day by private investors to develop alternative energy sources.

  • moderatesunite

    Some of the first Off-shore turbines approved in the US. Hopefully these projects completion will jump start more off shore energy investment, and eventually take off the way land based Wind already has.

  • ninetyninepct

    We don’t need $141 million in innovative windmills. One example of each is quite sufficient for research and private industry can do that on their own if it is so good. obama doesn’t have to subsidize even more of his buddies.

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