HealthCare.Gov: A Deal When Compared With State Exchanges

NPR: An analysis of federal data from former Obama administration official Jay Angoff finds that “the federal exchange was relatively efficient in signing up enrollees. Each one cost an average of $647 in federal tax dollars.” By contrast, it cost an average of $1,503 to sign up each person in the 15 state exchanges.

Surprising fact: “The five states whose governors and/or legislatures were among the most adamant about resisting the Affordable Care Act — Florida, Texas, Georgia, Virginia and Michigan — ended up with the lowest per-person enrollee costs. Florida’s cost per enrollee was just $76; Texas’ was $102, and Michigan’s $427.”

“All of the states with very high costs for each enrollee have one thing in common — relatively small populations. Yet it took millions of dollars to set up each exchange, so the smaller states couldn’t spread the costs.”

Angoff said “the federal government might want to reconsider letting other states establish their own exchanges, and encourage those whose exchanges aren’t doing so well to become part of”



Map source: Vox

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  • carlos

    It has just been reported that the average cost of enrollment in Hawaii was $10,000 each. A bit more than the federal cost, which of course doesn’t include the millions it cost to construct it, including the thousands kicked off to Michelle’s college friend as part of the deal.

    • zappa24

      Did you not read the article? The cost to construct it was added into the analysis.

      • carlos

        And that vindicates the cost? Or the corruption and graft in building it?

        • moderatesunite

          perhaps not for hawaii but the average cost for the federal sign up’s is pretty low, the benefits we are already seeing both in deficit reduction and health already more than justify it.
          It;s also entirely predictable that states setting up their own exchanges will be more expensive per person in low population rural states, than bigger states.

        • embo66

          Kindly supply EVIDENCE for your accusations of corruption and graft.

          Here’s a hint: If you got this “intel” from an email, it’s probably false.

          In fact, says you’re wrong, period:

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