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March 4, 2015

The Five Most and Least Charitable States

The Atlantic: “Gallup on Thursday released a poll that surveyed at least 600 people in each state asking how many have recently donated money to charity or volunteered their time. It found that Utah is by and large the most charitable state.”

“Gallup argues there is a correlation between states that give more and score higher on rates of well-being, and states that give less and have lower levels of well-being.”

“This is where analysis from the Chronicle of Philanthropy comes in handy. Using public Internal Revenue Service data on itemized charitable contributions, it found that Utah is still the leading charitable state, giving more of its median discretionary income to charity than any other state.”

  • MrBeale

    Most people in Utah are REQUIRED by their RELIGION to give 10% of it to their church. I’m not sure that should be counted as some great charitable act.

    • DemInExile

      I agree, the study should parse this out because if most of the giving measured was required tithing, a form of giving that only goes to the LDS church to use, then it could mean Utah is one of the cheapest and stingiest states when discretionary giving is measured.

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