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March 29, 2015

Reflections on Brown v. Board of Education

Michael Muskal in the L.A. Times: “The 1954 ruling in Brown vs. Board of Education opened the door to the civil rights revolution of the following decades as legalized segregation was ended. But according to a recent study by UCLA’s Civil Rights Project/Proyecto Derechos Civiles, segregation of schools based on race and poverty remains after decades of efforts.”

Lee Bollinger: “But, as the third post-Brown generation comes of age, there are reasons to be alarmed that this shared understanding no longer exists—and reasons to fear that the noble dream expressed in Brown, of creating an inclusive and integrated society, is on the precipice of being forgotten.”

“So here we are, sixty years after Brown….Popular referenda have become a favored shortcut to terminate affirmative-action programs; we have a constricted and decontextualized manner of discussing race and diversity in higher education; there is a leaderless public debate about these issues; and primary and secondary education is growing more segregated … we need a new movement like the one that led to Brown — before it is too late, and the issue vanishes.”

Donna Brazille: ” … the achievement gap, which steadily decreased during integration, is widening as re-segregation occurs.”

“Unfortunately, many localities are embracing vouchers and charter schools as silver bullets for addressing persistent achievement gaps … To fix the problem, we must recognize the problem.First, privatizing our school systems results in increased segregation, not improved opportunities.”

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