• Red Phillips

    Calculate whichever state has the highest number of voters who unquestioningly believe that the Bible is in its entirety the absolute, inerrant word of God, then attempt to determine which state has the highest percentage of state legislators who identify with said belief (no easy task in a world with filled with elected representatives falling all over themselves to outdo one another on this score). If workable evidence points to the same state, that’s the last holdout.

    My guess is either Mississippi or Alabama, with Mississippi as a very slight “favorite”.

  • ed_in_tx

    The Guardian. Ah, well – that English drive by certainly believes it is on firm ground advising our state politicians what they should do to us, before more Judges do it to us.

  • John Herling

    The U.S. south had to be dragged kicking and screaming into giving up Jim Crow, long after all the other states had abandoned it. We may expect the same southern attitude toward same-sex marriage.

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