Millions of Uninsured Now Eligible for Obamacare Assistance

A new analysis by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Urban Institute finds that “under current legislation, just over half (56 percent) of the uninsured became eligible for financial assistance with health insurance coverage” under Obamacare.

Key findings:

  • In states that have expanded Medicaid eligibility under the ACA, 68 percent of the uninsured became eligible for assistance, compared with only 44 percent in states that have not expanded Medicaid.
  • If nonexpansion states were to expand Medicaid eligibility, 71 percent of their uninsured would be eligible for assistance.
  • Among states expanding Medicaid, the ACA is projected to reduce the number of uninsured people by 56 percent, compared with a 34 percent reduction in the uninsured among states not expanding Medicaid.
  • If the states that have not expanded eligibility were to do so, the number of uninsured in those states would decrease by 59 percent.

How Many Uninsured People Are Eligible for Assistance Under the Affordable Care Act?


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  • Mary123s

    in truth, it’s not really the ACA (ie insurance companies like Aetna and Kaiser), but Medicaid expansion; which would be great except the pay rates are so poor docs cannot afford to have Medicaid patients. Medicaid needs to be more consistent in its pay rates and increase its pay to encourage more docs to accept it. Having health insurance is not the same as getting health care from a doc when you need it the most

    • pisher

      No, but it still beats going to an ER and then sticking the rest of us with the inflated bill.

      That’s slim comfort to somebody who wants to go to a doctor, not an ER, agreed. But it’s still a lot better than what we had. We shouldn’t stop there.

  • Bliss

    since the Liberals like it so much then they should be the only payers into it then it really wouldn’t get the funding it needs to survive, most conservatives already had insurance before this ponzi scheme was signed.

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