Kentucky Governor Reponds to McConnell’s Obamacare Contradictions

Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear responds to Sen. Mitch McConnell’s calls for repealing Obamacare while keeping Kentucky’s “kynect” health exchange.

“At best, of course, his promise represents a fundamental misunderstanding of the ironclad link between the ACA and ‘kynect.’ At worst, it’s a blatant attempt to mislead Kentucky families for his political benefit.”

“While that is fun to ponder, the salient point is this: Even critics are acknowledging that the ACA is bringing health care to those who desperately need it. In short, it’s working.”

“In fact, over 421,000 Kentuckians have signed up for health insurance through ‘kynect’ — about 75 percent of whom didn’t previously have insurance and about 52 percent of whom were under age 35.”

“Those numbers — and the testimony of the people behind them — contradict the mindless nattering of partisan-minded critics who need to leave their Washington D.C. echo chambers and talk to the people they represent.”

“Rather than continue trying to tear out the ACA ‘root and branch,’ as Sen. McConnell has advocated, he should understand why it’s been embraced and why it’s working.”

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  • Cloner

    One of the few politicians in Kentucky I can point to with pride.

  • bpai99

    “I want to be in Kentucky when the end of the world comes, because it’s always 20 years behind” – Mark Twain

  • Armyspouse1988

    Two points Kentucky will eventually learn: 1) coverage does not equal care, 2) there is no such thing as a free lunch–someone always pays.

    • moderatesunite

      1. no but it does mean you are a lot more likely to get cared for
      2. we were already paying, all indications are the ACA is slowing price increases and reducing our deficit

      • Armyspouse1988

        1. There was a shortage of doctors and facilities before the government took over healthcare.
        2. We were not paying double/triple premiums and quadruple deductibles prior to this garbage being shoved down our throats. Be honest–ACA is NOT slowing price increases and certainly NOT reducing the deficit–all lies told by democrats to sell it. Wake up.

        • moderatesunite

          1. Almost everywhere the much feared shortage was a non-issue because people had time to prepare.

          Also this not a “government Takeover”. That would be a medicare for all or single payer, like they have in Taiwan, Britain, Canada, and many other countries with better health outcomes than the Us.

          This is a system of private market exchanges originally proposed by republicans, replacing monopolies and Oligopilies that previously existed.

          2. Look at numbers.

          Numbers on the deficit from healthcare

          Numbers on healthcare in general, look at per capita costs in particular.

          Numbers on hospital readmission

          health care inflation is down. Health coverage and outcomes appear to be improving.

          there are dozens of studies that show this, and the number of them increases constantly. but when the numbers don’t agree with your ideology or partisan advantage you can try to ignore and deny them so proceed.

          • Armyspouse1988

            1. Obamacare was NEVER proposed by republicans, or some might have actually voted for it–NONE did. This was a progressive democrat takeover of healthcare in America. I can’t have the plan I want, or my doctor–not even my hospital because somehow government knows best? Just look to the VA for a preview of coming attractions. Also, It takes more than a 4 year flash of a democrat magic wand to expand a healthcare system capable of adequately providing for ALL Americans. Once again, there are winners and losers–just as before, only this time the working middle-class are the ones who are losing their coverage and forced to pay WAY more for far less coverage, lose their doctors, and hospitals.
            2. You can always find “progressive” sources to backup your nonsensical agenda, and you’d never listen to the truth, so I’m not going to trouble myself. You are not going to be able to finance this on the backs of the middle class. There will be hell to pay for the corrupt political party who lied, cheated, bribed, kickbacked, and threatened to make this a law that will eventually break this country apart.

          • moderatesunite

            Heritage Foundation plan identical to Obamacare, Mitt Romney plan Identical to Obamacare.

            And just as predicted your response is to dismiss any numbers that don’t agree with what you want to hear

          • Armyspouse1988

            Obamacare is a federal program–not identical at all. BTW, how is that going in deep blue, democrat party controlled Massachusetts? Google it, LOL.

          • The main lesson of Romneycare in MA was that you need an individual mandate to keep the coverage pools broad and control inflation.

            Oh, and it’s called the Democratic Party (not “democrat party”).

          • Armyspouse1988

            Democrat party it is in name only. Their unconstitutional “phone and pen” works mimic totalitarianism, certainly nothing “democratic.” They are, however, setting an interesting precedence for future republican control.
            How are they doing with that individual mandate to “keep coverage pools broad and control inflation?” Hint: Massachusetts currently has the highest premiums and longest wait times. But, that’s something we’ll ALL enjoy with Obamacare now.


          • Thirteen

            Yeah, the kind of totalitarians who keep participating in free and fair elections. You really think hyperbole really serves your argument here?

            Executive orders are unconstitutional now, fascinating. Was it unconstitutional when Bush did it? Because he issued 123 more executive orders than Obama has. Reagan issued more than double the number Obama has, do you think that was unconstitutional, too?

          • Armyspouse1988

            Just what is the purpose of our Constitution, or the US Congress under the Obama administration? Congress makes the laws that the Obama administration should enforce. When he doesn’t get a 100% “rubber stamp,” he goes around them with his phone and his pen. If our country truly has three CO-EQUAL branches per the constitution, who is he to unilaterally rule on which laws are enforced and which will be ignored–issuing edicts as to what this country must obey under his totalitarian dictatorship?

          • Take him to court if you have a case. Or better yet, study a civics book and learn what the executive branch does, how laws are administered, how rule-making works, etc.

          • Blen Butterson

            Congress isn’t doing sh*t, so he pretty much has to sign executive orders. And totalitarian dictatorships usually involve killing and imprisoning lots of citizens. You really discredit your entire argument by saying that. Even the most radical tea partier knows Obama hasn’t unleashed firing squads on political rallies or imprisoned his opponents.

          • Your first sentence makes no sense. This is partly because you’re garbling your received talking points. You’re supposed to mispronounce the name of the party as “Democrat” with a sneering tone and then when called on it, you’re supposed to say the party is “democratic” in name only, as if that somehow gives you the right to determine the name of an entity to which you do not belong and with which you are not affiliated.

            It’d be like me saying that you are a spouse in name only, so I will call you Armspout1989.

            I realize this one has gotten confusing because you’re also supposed to chant that we’re a Republic and not a Democracy and so insulting people for *not* being democratic doesn’t really make sense, but even better you messed it up and said, “Democrat party is in name only.” That sentence is Palin-worthy in its semantic emptiness.

            Your false panic about executive action being a form of totalitarianism would be more compelling if you had a legal leg to stand on or if anyone with standing could take such a “slam dunk” to the Supreme Court and save us all from this tyrant.

            By precedence, you meant precedent, but that’s an honest mistake.

            It’s very early with the ACA but so far healthcare inflation seems to be easing a bit. Massachusetts didn’t have an individual mandate before Obamacare so thanks for making my argument for me.

          • you seem to believe a lot of falsehoods about how the ACA works. maybe read up on the details and stop getting your info from fox, rush, beck, etc.

          • Armyspouse1988

            …only because you say so? LOL, get your facts straight. Tell me how the ACA is working in deep blue states like Oregon, Maryland and even Massachusetts? You see–I HAVE “read the details.” I suggest you do likewise.

          • Bless your heart. Of course not only because I say so. I can see that you are one of those who believe the web site in a given state “is” Obamacare. Just read the history in this Wonk Wire blog and get back to me.

            And because you’re so charming and into reading, I’ll let you in on a little secret: I’ve even read the law, unlike most folks posting in all caps. (The pages are double-spaced and have wide margins, so it’s not as onerous as they’d like you to believe.)

  • lookolook

    When you call a vast Superior a worthless Clown, you’re just showing how stupid and worthless you’re. He is the President of the United States by the Grace of God and by the votes of the majority of the people of the USA. You’re a very unpatriotic let-down to the United States of America. He was elected by a majority of the people (remember “we the people”?) of the USA. You’re throwing a collective insult to God who allowed him on the throne twice, and to more than half of the population of voters of the USA, who voted him into office twice!
    If I were you, I will stop digging because you’re showing to God, to the American patriotic voters and to the whole world what a useless piece of garbage you’re. Please, don’t make your Creator regret His creating you into existence. He sees into your hate-infested soul already. Stop your nonsense write-ups now!

  • book are written by leftists, duh!

    so you keep smart by avoiding reading because leftists write books. clever!

    ok, try this. read the constitution itself and then get back to me.

    or keep spewing uninformed half-understood natter you picked up from talk radio. you seem happier with ignorance that confirms your prejudices, and hatred of others.

    • Thirteen

      Bet he doesn’t drink water because fluoridation is a communist plot to steal his precious bodily fluids.

  • Gyst53

    Here’s is the true impact of the Affordable Care Act:

    What “Obamacare” does is to divert Medicare and Medicaid monies to the
    profits of private insurance companies. Instead of providing medical care to
    those in need, the taxpayers’ money will provide bonuses for insurance
    executives and profits for their shareholders. It is the height of folly for
    Obama worshipers to defend a law written by the private insurance companies
    that uses public revenues to provide insurers with 50 million more customers
    and to add yet another layer of profits to the cost of American medicine.

    The ACA is a large and complicated law – nearly 1,000 pages long. Some
    portions went into effect as of 2010 with major provisions phased in by 2014
    and remaining portions by 2020. Changes in the healthcare industry have led to a growth in healthcare Business Process Outsourcing. But how exactly will the Affordable Care Act impact outsourcing?

    it’s important to understand the key provisions. The ACA will consist of:

    1. Basic benefits package defined by the federal government.
    2. Increased Medicare payroll tax on upper income earners.
    3. Penalty for employers (with 50+ employees) who do not offer
    4. If an employer doesn’t offer insurance, people will be able to buy it
    directly in the Health Insurance Marketplace. (State/Federal Exchanges)
    5. Tax credits to small business – by 2014, 50 percent of the employer’s
    6. The Medical Loss Ratio. At least 85 percent of all premium dollars collected
    by insurance companies for large employer plans must be spent on
    healthcare services. For plans sold to individuals and small
    employers, at least 80 percent of the premium must be spent on
    7. Eliminating annual limits on insurance coverage for new plans and existing
    group plans.
    8. No out-of-pocket for many preventive services. All new plans must cover
    certain preventive services such as mammograms and colonoscopies without
    charging a deductible, co-pay or coinsurance.
    9. Children up to age 26 can stay on their parent’s health insurance plan.
    10. No denial of coverage due to a pre-existing condition.
    11. Insurance companies cannot limit the coverage someone receives over his or her lifetime.
    12. Expand who will be eligible for Medicaid. States will receive 100 percent
    federal funding for the first three years, phasing to 90 percent federal funding
    in subsequent years. (Huge impact on State funded service!)
    13. The law provides consumers with a way to appeal coverage determinations or claims to their insurance company.
    14. Tax credits for middle-low income uninsured. These individuals may also
    qualify for reduced co-payments, co-insurance, and deductibles.
    15. The Individual Mandate. People who are not already covered or fully subsidized will be required to purchase coverage or face a penalty – with some eligible to receive subsidies towards private insurance premiums.

    Dr. Ben S. Carson writes….
    The new 2014 study, which looked at 650,000 actual pharmacy claims made across 25 Obamacare insurers in January and February, shows that early enrollees in Obamacare exchange plans are indeed sicker and more costly than individuals with insurance coverage in non-exchange plans. This is important because it means the Obamacare health insurance pools are well on their way to collapse.
    The specific discoveries are as follows:
    The rate of prescriptions for HIV medicines was four times higher in exchange plans than in non-exchange plans;
    Pain medications were 35% higher in exchange plans;
    Anti-seizure drugs were 27% higher;
    Anti-depressants were 14% higher;

    It is common sense that sicker people with higher costs are more likely to obtain health insurance when coverage is “guaranteed issue,” as it is in the Obamacare exchanges. Guaranteed issue means that anyone can buy health insurance at any time regardless of health status at the time of purchase. That may sound appealing, and it is certainly great for a few, but it results in obvious perverse incentives that can only lead to collapse.

    • Blen Butterson

      33% of all statistics on the internet are made up on the spot. Great copy-and-paste job though.

      • Gyst53

        I worked for Blue Cross and Blue Shield for 20 years. I know of what statistics you read!

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