Obamacare Winners Are ‘Invisible’ and Need to be Heard

Jonathan Cohn – using a case of an individual who switched from COBRA to Obamacare – highlights an Obamacare success story.

“According to the most reliable government surveys, enrollment in COBRA has vacilated between 2.5 and 3.5 million people over the last few years. On the whole, the premiums for Obamacare marketplace plans are probably lower than the premiums for employer plans. And while in many cases those lower prices will correspond to less comprehensive coverage or more restricted provider accessa large number of people buying coverage on the marketplaces will also get subsidies that discount the prices much more. Others will qualify for Medicaid, which is basically free.”

“By itself, these facts don’t clinch the case for the Affordable Care Act. An honest assessment of the law must include not just the ‘winners’ but also the ‘losers’ …  You read a lot about those people in the fall and, while many of the stories were exaggerated, some were not. But one reason it’s been so hard to settle the debate over Obamacare is that many of the winners are more or less invisible. Nobody has noticed them, let alone listen to their tales, even though they have some pretty good stories to tell.”

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