• pisher

    Another symptom of polarization. The middle ground keeps shrinking. People who want to believe in God increasingly feel they have to reject science to do it. People who want to believe in science increasingly feel like they have to reject God to do it. But in fact, there is no conflict, and there never was. God exists or not. Science has nothing to do with it. Neither does a literal belief in scripture, which has never been a necessary (or even helpful) part of faith.

    • HeraSentMe

      I don’t “want” to believe anything. I want to know reality as it is. The evidence is overwhelming that evolution is the process by which life developed into is current forms, us included.
      The idea that it must be science of the god of the Bible is a false duality. Assuming there is some being worthy of calling “God”, the idea it created the Universe in order to harbor mankind is akin to some microbes in the belly of a termite in your attic thinking the city you live in was built to give them a home. It’s ignorant and arrogant in equal measures.

    • pbrower2a

      Some very devout people have become scientists, surely many of them out of the desire to discover how God does things. Many accept that any God must have established the laws of mathematics and science and the conventions of logic that make the Universe possible and benign enough for our survival.

      Creationism implies a God Who interferes far more than is necessary.

  • Lynda Groom

    Oh lord, please save us from some of your followers.

  • Art Bagnall

    Evolution: 1982: 9% 2014: 19% (up 10 points)

    God-led “evolution”: 1982: 38% 2014: 31% (down 7 points)

    Creationism: 1982: 44% 2014: 42% (down 2 points)

    Things are looking up for intelligence. The gains over the last 32 years by those who believe in evolution (10 points) are equal to the drop in (fundamentalist) anti-evolution people (9 points).

    John Stuart Mill:

    “Not all conservatives are stupid, but all stupid people are conservative”.

  • ultragreen

    So this tells me that about 70-80% of the American public are totally clueless about science. They would rather cling to religious ideologies that are thousands of years out-of-date.

    • Suralin

      Lumping pro-science and anti-science believers together and denigrating both, is just going to alienate potential allies. And frankly, us liberals need all the allies we can get.

      I know it’s the Internet, but try being more diplomatic. Do so and you’ll find friends in places you never expected. 🙂

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