Large Majority Satisfied With Their Health Insurance

The Morning Consult: According to a new poll, “74 percent of likely voters were satisfied with their primary health insurance policies/plans. No difference was found between genders.”

“When looking at age groups for the same question, most of the 18-29, 30-44, and 45-64 year old populations were all satisfied with their plans, polling at 66, 64, and 73 percent respectively.”


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  • moderatesunite

    The full poll results are quite interesting, but the graph shown here isn’t particularly helpful without knowing what the results were in previous years/months.


    According to politifact from four years ago:

    so I am not sure that this is a poll that supports any argument that ACA has satisfied the public.

    • Ken Kelly

      Politifact went with 85% insured, and 87% of those “satisfied” … which equals 74%! Of course the poll above was of “likely voters”, and less than 10% were uninsured, it’s a bit useless anyway…

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