Obamacare War Ends With a Whimper

Sam Baker: “This is the way the Obamacare war ends—not with a bang, but a whimper.”

“Anti-Obamacare bills in the House have gotten tamer lately—some of them look an awful lot like fixing obvious problems with the law, something conservatives once swore they’d never do. There are fewer big-ticket hearings, and even those are often poorly attended. Anyone who’s been around Capitol Hill and health care for the past four years can see it—the anti-Obamacare fire just isn’t burning as hot as it used to.”

“In part, any fire dies down over five years. But the temperature on the right also got a lot lower after 8 million people signed up for coverage through the health care law’s exchanges.”

“The law is unpopular, and its critics feel more strongly than its supporters. But with public opinion locked in place for months, ‘Obamacare’ has become almost a party-ID question or a buzzword, rather than a dynamic issue.”

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  • MrBeale


  • petergaruccio

    The war isn’t over, just the rightward advancement. Now it’s the left’s turn to run on the Medicaid expansion, the growing popularity of the exchanges and the bevy of insurers entering the marketplaces.

  • njguy54

    Funny how polls consistently show people against Obamacare… yet people have signed up for it and are beginning to recognize its benefits. I suspect these polls reflect what people have been conditioned to say rather than what they really believe, especially after informing themselves.

    • sglick

      Exactly! Fear-mongering and scare tactics by Fox News and RW AM talk radio can only be effective for so long. Basically the moment until fantasy becomes reality and people discover the manufactured boogy-man hasn’t arrived on their doorsteps. Sure, there will be those who, for any number of reasons (many of them in action long before the ACA came into existence), won’t see lower premiums. That’s the private insurance market at work. Ask people who have higher car insurance rates in the same city if they’re upset at the ‘government’ for ‘mandating’ they have insurance that costs them different rates based on just a zip code and your age. I doubt they would answer that a ‘Socialist plot’ was at work or their ‘freedom’ was taken away, just because a private insurance company thinks if you live in zip code A, you should be charged $50 more than if you lived two miles away in a different zip code. Who cares if you’re safe and careful and have a locked garage. 8 million was a powerful statement to those RW idiots lining their own pockets by railing against a law that didn’t even effect the pundits (most all of them millionaires) yelling the loudest.

    • ccrrff

      The interesting thing is that people are against this thing called “Obamacare” but if you break it down and ask them about the components that make up the law, they’re in favor of it. I think I heard that they did a poll in KY, where they call the state exchange “Kynect”. People love Kynect. But ask them if they like Obamacare? Hate it! They don’t even realize it’s the same thing.

      • GitOffMahLawn

        How do the people in Maryland and Oregon feel about their state exchanges?

        • happy that other states in the laboratory of democracy have succeeded, which will help as the best practices spread.

      • SamR

        Yep. And you’ll even see some “Kynect is great, so glad we have that instead of Obamacare.”

    • GitOffMahLawn

      “yet people have signed up for it and are beginning to recognize its benefits. ”

      Oh, and what benefits are those? I have the option to sign up for it right now, but my deductible would roughly triple and my premiums would go up about $180 month from a freaking cobra plan I’m on.

      And after my deductible is met, obamacide gold would only pay 65% of my medical bills?

      Yeah, benefits. Right.

      • Nick Scanlan

        Sounds like you don’t need to sign up for it. You don’t actually understand the point of the exchanges at all do you? They are for people that can’t get insurance. Not people that have insurance and are looking for more reasons to complain.

      • Art Bagnall

        Maybe you’ll die soon.

      • Lorehead

        Your numbers cannot be correct. To take just one example, Obamacare gold plans all have an expected actuarial value of 80%, whereas most pre-Obamacare plans actually paid less than 50% once the insurance companies got through denying claims. Also, either you’re complaining about the cost of a gold plan when you could buy a bronze, or you’re mangling together the details of two completely different plans.

  • GitOffMahLawn

    8 million did not sign up for obamacide. That is an unverified/unverifiable number issued by the white house- and gosh, they never lie over there, do they? The obamacide website doesn’t even have the back end functionality in place to process payments.

    How again is this a success? Oh, that’s right- because all the obots and the earflaps regime say so. Facts are mere speedbumps on the way to unicorn land.


    • Nick Scanlan

      Why would the website process payments made to private insurance companies? Or are you saying you DO WANT the government in charge of the money? The number is verifiable through insurance companies, which are private. Can you try a little harder before you embarrass yourself more?

      • huufarted

        U R an asshat!

    • SamR

      Private tracker of signups:


      Est. Exch. QHPs as of May 23, 2014: 7.22M (Paid) / 8.14M (Total)

      So its still under 8 million paid. You got that going for you guys!

  • Senior Harris

    People can say what they want about this law but for me personally, I got hosed. My premiums have tripled over the past 2 years and I have lost one of my specialists. Are there other doctors that can treat my condition that are covered by my plan? Sure. Am I going to trust them and are they going to be as good as my old doctor has been for years? Highly doubtful. Guess my premiums didn’t drop and I couldn’t keep my doctor as promised.

    • dwmcqueen

      Feel your pain. My premiums tripled (actual quadrupled) between 2006 and 2008 and my insurance plan dropped my primary care physician. And that was without any insurance reform. Can’t imagine a similar thing happening with reform.

    • Rooster Cogburn

      Premiums have been rising since the 1990s. Every year my premium has increased and co pays have increased since 1993 when I got my first job.

      Who is to blame for all those increases and decrease in benefits from 1993 to 2010? Obamacare?

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