• Snick1946

    Yet it is part of the core belief system of the far right that all political violence comes from the left. Glen Beck’s rhetoric is a good example. Right after the Las Vegas killings the comment boards on Yahoo were full of posts from obvious right wingers saying the shooters were leftists- even after the facts came out they were saying it was a cover up.

    • MrWonderful61

      Did you READ the linked article?

      • Snick1946

        Yes I did- and your point is..what? That I came to a different opinion than you did? That can happen you know.
        The article did address violence from jihadists- but also touched on the violence coming from the American Right. I know you don’t see it- but I do and we all need to be aware of it and concerned.

        • Jack_Kennedy

          ahhh ……….. obama’s “facts”

      • Snick1946

        I did a little research on your posts on Disqus. Many of them are the exact one you posted on here- ‘Did you READ the article’? You must just paste it – saves time. I know you like to come on here and feel superior to Liberals but instead of just being an annoying troll why don’t you tell me and some others just WHAT you take issue with in our posts?

      • Snick1946

        I rest my case. You never came back and explained your objections to my comments. And I bet somewhere now you are out there posting troll comments ‘Did you READ the article?’. You are a lot of talk and no substance.

        • MrWonderful61

          Sorry. I just gave up on attempting to open your mind.
          My point was that the graphic and the linked article are referring to Muslim Extremists / Jihadists, not conservatives. THAT was the point. I thought if you went back and READ the article, as I suggested, that could have become clear without me having to say another word.
          Thanks for playing!

          • Snick1946

            I think the point here is that there seems little difference whether the violence comes from Jihadists or right wing extremists- the factors and structure are still the same. Am I to understand that you are debunking ANY history of violence from the American Right? If so then you must be smoking some mighty good stuff.

  • Gregory Williams

    Just this week the KKK has said it is going to ramp up training as active combatant warriors for right wing extremism and we have now TWO cases of the extremist agenda of conservative RWNJ in attacks on law enforcement and the rule of law… we will have to put conservatism and its followers down like the rabidly mad dawgs they are at some point real soon or see an explosion of violence across the country.

    • MrWonderful61

      Did you READ the linked article??

      • Jack_Kennedy

        just more obama “facts”

  • bpai99

    The Hatriots and extremists are always that way, but the GOP whips it up further in pursuit of its own ends. This is Tactic #1 in the GOP Playbook:

    1. Use apocalyptic language that inflames the fears of the extremists and the
    2. Keep turning up the heat and be ready to act surprised should anyone heed your calls for extreme action. If anyone objects, turn it back back saying they
    can’t take a joke.
    3. Maintain that you were only speaking figuratively and cannot be held
    responsible when violence occurs. Follow that by accusing your accusers of
    playing politics with tragedy.
    4. Keep your celebrations behind closed doors.

    • njguy54

      5. When it becomes clear that right-wing extremists are responsible for violence, accuse the left of staging a “false flag” operation, a la Alex Jones.

  • Joan Barrington

    The first couple names on THE TALLY have to do with persons plotting to align themselves with Al Queda. Are we now calling Al Queda a “right wing extremist group”? Further study of THE TALLY is needed to better classify the criminals or accused criminals as being “right wing” or belonging to other “groups” of plotters. Perhaps this article is an entire farce?!!

    • Smith_90125

      Are you under the delision that Al Qaeda *isn’t* right wing? It’s socially conservative and highly religious, the same as the KKK, Operation Rescue, Scott Roeder, Jerad and Amanda Miller and dozens of others I could list.

      • Joan Barrington

        delision? yeah, I respect your opinion.

  • MrWonderful61

    Just what the heck have you been smoking? The linked article is clearly about jihadists, not ‘conservative extremists.’ I like a laugh as much as the next guy, but let’s try to allow for suspended disbelief rather than beating someone about the head and daring them to discover just what it is you are lying about this time.

    Carry on…

  • Goddard is ONLY convincing the uninformed and naivete’ of certain readers. It’s what he does best.

  • Doolittle Daily

    Just BS

  • sparkyva

    Every time there is a mass shooting, I look for a right wing extremist who did the shooting. No luck. Every bleeping time it is a left wing loony instead. Every time I try to have a civil conversation about the problems of our country, someone gets mad and starts calling me names. I wonder if he is a right wing extremist who will shoot me with his gun. Again every bleeping time, it is a left-wing know-nothing bad mouthed uncivil liberal sounding off. Where are these blasted right wing extremists that intend to do me in, slash my tires and kill my children? I can’t find them.

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