Insurers Scramble to Join Obamacare

The Hill: “A growing number of insurers say they intend to offer coverage on the ObamaCare exchanges next year.”

“Insurance plans in New Hampshire, Michigan and Illinois are planning to enter into the federal marketplaces after deciding not to participate during ObamaCare’s first enrollment period, according to news reports.”

“HealthPocket, a consumer research group, says many insurers who initially held back from joining the new exchanges are angling to get involved after the first year’s enrollment total surpassed expectations.”

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Chart from Dan Diamond

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  • DownriverDem

    Just think how much better it would be if the red states had taken the Medicaid expansion and not fought so had to impede ObamaCare.

    • Dave

      The GOP warned us there would be death panels. They just didn’t bother to tell us that they would be GOP death panels.

  • molosky

    Obamacare is just one big scheme to distract us from [insert ‘real scandal’ of the week].

    • Wynstone

      Hillary Clinton was snippy with a reporter! Is it a sign her age is catching up with her?

      • Dave

        Neurological expert Karl Rove is certain it’s advancing dementia. And consulting expert Peggy Noonan has confirmed as much.

  • sglick

    As if on cue, evidenced by a comment here, whenever there’s ‘good news’ about the ACA, clowns come out of the woodwork to claim it’s a huge ‘distraction’ to simply report about an ongoing law. I often wonder, what world do people live in, where they can only think about and discuss ONE NEWS STORY PER MONTH.

    • evidenced by molofsky’s satirical comment?

  • bpai99

    Not sure which is worse: a)Obamacare was the end of civilization as we know it (just ask the GOP), or b)the end of civilization came as a result and we didn’t realize it.

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