Study Credits Obamacare for Dramatic Drop in Minnesota’s Uninsured Rate

Kaiser Health News: “The rate of uninsured people in Minnesota tumbled to less than 5 percent, despite all the problems with its Obamacare website, a new study shows.”

“How did Minnesota do it? It wasn’t miraculous. The state started out ahead with a rate of uninsurance roughly half the national average. Then it used the health law to strengthen and publicize a health care safety net that was already more complete and generous than most other states.”

“’This is a pretty historic change in insurance coverage in Minnesota,’ said Julie Sonier, the report’s lead researcher. ‘We have never seen anything like the change that we have seen between last fall and May 1st of this year.’”

Jonathan Cohn: “And a big reason for the decline in Minnesota was the high enrollment in Medicaid, which Minnesota lawmakers enthusiastically agreed to expand.”

Impact of Obamacare on uninsured residents of Minnesota

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