• bpai99

    A Republican friend of mine once pointed out as we drove down the street in a bad part of town: “if these people are so poor, why are they overweight?”

  • MrWonderful61

    What ‘tenuous’ economy? I thought your other article stated we were at a high point of the last 7 years.


    The Republican Party has FAILED the three million unemployed workers, STILL without an unemployment extension, since late last December. Since that time, the Republican senate has intentionally, calculatingly, postponed and delayed voting on the bill so it would become too late to pass in the senate. Effectively killing the bill in the senate. For the past six months, these families have suffered tremendous financial loss, and many have become homeless. These once proud workers, have watched everything they had worked for, disappear into financial ruin. The Republican senate chose to victimize these workers all the more, by labeling them “Lazy”, and “Unwilling to seek work”. Although it’s been clear that their unemployment was due to both a poor economy and corporate downsizing. It’s always easier to blame the victim, as oppose to the banking bailout fiasco, and corporate greed. It’s appalling that with Billions of dollars going to the Ukraine, no help would be given to these workers.

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