Why Mainstream Republicans’ Best Climate Solutions are Still Bad

Jonathan Chait comments on the difficulty of “right-leaning intellectuals” to prod their Party toward taking constructive action on climate change.

“They find themselves caught between their pragmatic impulses and a Party moving farther and farther from any semblance of reality. The reformicons are attempting to formulate a coherent line on climate change that can straddle this widening gulf. They are rapidly settling upon an agreed-upon solution: new technology.”

“And yet, even though they have moved a fair distance from mindless Republican climate orthodoxy, the reformicons remain well short of grappling with reality.”

“The deeper problem with the technology-first line is that the reformicons seem to have no specific idea about how their proposal would work, or even what current technology policy is.”

“You might wonder why a group of policy wonks would rally around a proposal without having a clear idea of what they want or even whether it currently exists. The answer is that reform conservatism is designed to produce a policy agenda for the next Republican candidate. This is a worthy project, but unfortunately imposes the significant constraint that any proposal must be acceptable to the GOP and unacceptable to Democrats.”

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  • Jesse4

    Climate change is just one of many issues that conservatism just can’t deal with at all due to ideological problems.

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