Huge Drop in Uninsured for Cities With Medicaid Expansion

The Hill: “A new study projects that large cities could see the number of uninsured drop almost 60 percent under ObamaCare’s Medicaid expansion.”

“The report by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Urban Institute looked at numbers for 14 major cities and estimated the percentage of uninsured would drop by an average of 57 percent in 2016 if states that have adopted the Medicaid expansion.”

“By comparison, cities in states that have not adopted the provision are still likely to see a drop in the uninsured, but only by an average of 30 percent.”

“The report says if Medicaid was expanded to the non-participating cities in their analysis, the drop in uninsured would average 52 percent.”

uninsured drop

Chart from Huffington Post

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  • This is just a distraction from the missing IRS emails.

  • Brucew56

    Also, the same states with highest numbers of illegal aliens, workers who can’t get jobs and welfare spending.

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