• Wynstone

    “Compassionate conservatism” was never anything but a campaign slogan. Lack of empathy is at the core of conservative ideology. What they call a belief in personal responsibility is really a fight for the right to not care about anyone but themselves.

    • James Brown

      The fundamental belief of conservative dogma is that poverty is self-inflicted. Forget your circumstance of birth, family situation, neighborhood surroundings, availability of educational and employment opportunities, or any other external factors in your life— if you’re poor, it’s ALL YOUR FAULT, a character flaw, a moral failing. It follows, then, that you deserve no sympathy or support from us, the worthy. Whatever status or comfort we enjoy has been achieved solely by dint of OUR industry, drive, and intelligence—traits which YOU evidently lack.

      This moralistic view of people’s varied economic condition is fostered by the fortunate few (the “1%”) not merely to justify their avoidance of an appropriate tax burden, but more to rationalize their place atop the ladder of society. They didn’t win the lottery of life—they were justly rewarded for simply being better/smarter/more industrious than the unwashed 99%.

      So in this regard conservatism has no place for compassion, other than the selective and often ostentatious giving by way of private charity, activity which may have more to do with assuaging any inkling of guilt and promoting one’s self-image as superior, but magnanimous…

      • John Herling

        I wish I could press a button for “love” instead of just “like” for your comment!

  • bpai99

    A compassionate conservative is a conservative who won’t help the disadvantaged but acts like he cares about them.

  • Keith B. Rosenberg

    I have doubts that there are any compassionate politicians of any party. They all seem far more interested in buying votes with tax money than being compassionate.

  • Yonatan YONATAN

    The Republican Party has failed the American people, especially the three million unemployed families who are STILL without an unemployment extension of benefits since late last December. While they fought in the senate for their bosses the Koch Brothers pipeline bill, they flatly refused to help the unemployed families needing an extension of benefits. These families over the past six months have fallen deeper and deeper into financial ruin and poverty. Many for whom may never get out. It seems when it comes to Foreign aid and to sending our sons and daughters to war, they can all agree on unanimously, but helping the unemployed, and poor, and disadvantaged, they refuse to help. Now both the Republicans & Democrats have seemingly walked away from the issue, leaving these desperate families to continue struggling on their own. Where is the so called “family values” that the republicans like to claim to represent? They have no “values” or common decency or compassion. They all need to be voted from office in this coming elections. The republicans lack compassion and a soul.


    The Republican Party has failed the three million unemployed families STILL WITHOUT an extension of benefits, since late last December. Over the past six months, the Republican senate has held the extension bill “hostage” in the senate, for political leverage, and party agenda. They have sentenced these families to financial ruin and deep poverty, which many may not recover from. While they fought tooth & nail for the Koch Brother’s oil pipeline bill to be passed, they totally ignored these struggling families. The Republicans have shown a total lack of compassion, and common decency towards the disadvantaged in our country. The new face of their party is Senator John Boehner. This is a man that has rejected every idea and every bill that would benefit average Americans. Billions of dollars have been approved for the Ukraine, while the extension bill is still not passed to help these families.

  • donna

    Yes, Mister Eric Cantor, before he lost so elegantly, referred to his
    fellow candidates, members of his own party, as “unwashed.” That is what
    they think of ALL of us. Cantor spent nearly $600,000 on campaign meals
    in 18 months while also voting to reduce the amount of food stamps for
    poor families because the program was “bloated”. The question that is
    burning a hole in my heart is WHY do we continue to allow them to rule
    our country.? Mister Romney said that poor people are not even entitled
    to “food.” His wife’s horses have more value in his eyes than 47% of
    American citizens. Why do we tolerate this?

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