Americans Claim Politicians Are Their Main Source of Stress

Christopher Ingraham: “The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation just released a wide-ranging survey on the prevalence and causes of stress in the U.S.”

“The survey also asked about smaller, daily stressors — the little exasperations that can add up to a miserable day. And here something surprising emerges: Americans cited ‘hearing about what the government or politicians are doing’ as the most frequent daily stressor on their lives, and at a substantially higher rate than the usual annoyances like commuting, chores and general schedule-juggling.”


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  • nanotab

    I’d like to know if coping with health problems of family members was on the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s list of options. It’s the #1 source of stress for me, and I suspect lots of people who are helping to care for a seriously disabled and/or very ill family member.

    • embo66

      Of course they did — and if memory serves, health issues came in as the #1 major stressor for people.

      But this blurb addresses the “small, daily annoyances” that add to personal stress.


    Shame on both the Republicans & Democrats for failing to pass the Unemployment Extension Bill for the more than three million unemployed families, who have been without benefits since late last December. Both parties have failed these unemployed Americans miserably. For more than seven months now, these families have continued to fall into financial ruin & deep poverty. These workers thought that both parties would eventually do the just and morally correct thing, and pass the bill in the senate. But that was sadly not what happened. The Republican senate were too busy fighting on behalf of their “supporter” the Koch Brother’s oil pipeline bill. They have clearly made it known just for whom their party answers to, and whom they support. And it is not you or I my friends. The Democrats too have chosen to give up and walk away from these millions of unemployed families. They have shown a total lack of resolve and integrity. In the coming elections, we the people, need to clean house. We need to elect “public servants” again, Remember them? They’re the ones that “serve” the public. Both political parties, are a disappointment.

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