New Survey Confirms Steep Drop in Uninsured

Urban Institute: “Analysis of data from the June 2014 [Health Reform Monitoring Survey] shows the uninsurance rate for nonelderly adults (age 18–64) was 13.9 percent … for the nation in June, a drop of 4.0 percentage points … since September 2013, the month before the ACA’s initial open enrollment period began. This represents a drop of 22.3 percent in the uninsurance rate, which translates to a net gain in coverage for about 8.0 million adults …, extending the coverage gain of 5.4 million … that was found as of early March 2014.Though estimates of the size of the net gain in coverage vary across surveys, there is consistent evidence of ongoing gains in insurance coverage under the ACA.”

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  • Andrei Bilderburger

    And how many of these surveys are using the Census department criteria that were changed just as Obamacare rolled out to ensure that there would be lower numbers and no comparison between earlier series and the new survey results could properly be made?

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