Is Obama Really Abusing His Executive Powers?

Washington Post: “President Obama’s opponents are having fun by constantly reinforcing the notion that he’s out of control – and obviously, needs to be sued/impeached. But … the number of executive orders signed by Obama isn’t huge. In fact out of the last 10 presidents, he’s signed the least amount of executive orders on average per year:”

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  • Andrei Bilderburger

    The problem isn’t the number of executive orders. It’s their unconstitutional nature in overturning statute law. The other presidents who followed the constitution needed to write a lot more orders because they were careful not to write broad orders that swept legislation aside.

  • flyr

    Abusing power

    Using the IRS to punish enemies

    Destroying evidence IRS , Benghazi,

    Abuse of right to fair trial – Obama sends Holder and hundreds of federal agents to harass witnesses favorable to the defendant, help cover up Treyvon Martin’s records or prior crimes including firing 5 honest school police officials. Thanks to the Miami Herald their efforts to punish honest police were thwarted

    Rewriting military , fbi and DHS training materials to make conservative not terrorists the enemy

    Arming the Syrian fundamentalists who have now morphed into ISIS are are threatening Iraq and Saudi Arabia

  • Grant Klokeid

    It is not the number of the EOs, it is the content of them. But that would require much more research and analysis by the reporter.

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