Why Obamacare’s Success Has Slipped Under the Radar

Paul Krugman explains why Obamacare’s “immense policy success” is “largely slipping under the radar.”

“How is that possible? Think relentless negativity without accountability. The Affordable Care Act has faced nonstop attacks from partisans and right-wing media, with mainstream news also tending to harp on the act’s troubles.”

“I’ve been seeing some claims on the right that the dramatic reduction in the number of uninsured was caused by economic recovery, not health reform (so now conservatives are praising the Obama economy?). But that’s pretty lame, and also demonstrably wrong.”

“It’s not the economy; it’s the policy, stupid.”

“You might ask why, if health reform is going so well, it continues to poll badly. It’s crucial, I’d argue, to realize that Obamacare, by design, by and large doesn’t affect Americans who already have good insurance. As a result, many peoples’ views are shaped by the mainly negative coverage in the news media.”

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  • disqus_qBzwHL0H5f

    The uninsured rate is falling because people are REQUIRED to have it and not necessary because they would choose to get it.

  • Lucambrian

    Many doctors are now refusing to accept Obamacare insurance coverage because of the low reimbursement and onerous reporting requirements. Punishing people who don’t want/need health insurance is right out of Hitler’s playbook. My wife and I pay cash for our medical services, and we like it that way. Who asked insurance companies to come between providers and their patients?

  • Chuck Hunnefield

    It might also have something to do with the fact that the most painful provisions of the ACA (like the employer mandate) have been set aside (illegally, IMHO), by our esteemed president. Come 2017, we’ll see if this ‘success’ has simply slipped under the radar, or we all get to really find out what’s IN the bill AFTER ALL of it has been implemented. Until then Mr. Krugman, I would suggest YOU ‘slip under the radar’…

    • How is the employer mandate painful?

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