Americans Hold Dim View of Supreme Court

Gallup: “Americans remain divided in their assessments of the U.S. Supreme Court, with 47% approving of the job it is doing, and 46% disapproving. These ratings are consistent with approval last September, when 46% approved and 45% disapproved, and rank among the lowest approval ratings for the court in Gallup’s 14-year trend.”

“The biggest change in Americans’ views of the court this year has been the flip in partisan approval … Republican approval of the Supreme Court is up 21 percentage points since last September, from 30% in 2013 to 51% … Support among Democrats, on the other hand, is down … Democrats are now slightly more likely to disapprove (50%) than approve (44%).

“Americans’ current views more closely reflect the court’s own ideological divisions in these two recent decisions, rather than its bipartisan unanimity.”

Approval of U.S. Supreme Court, 2000-2014

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  • MrBeale

    And well they should.

  • embo66

    “Bipartisan unanimity” on this court is actually pretty rare so far, as it turns out they can all agree on the final ruling, but for vastly different — and contradictory — reasons.

    I also understand that the abortion “buffer zone” ruling had these “justices” flummoxed for a long time in terms of just how far 35 feet actually was.

    As Dalia Lithwick put it on The Daily Show: “They really need to get out more.”

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