Are Anti-Obamacare Ads Boosting Enrollment?

The Hill: “Millions of dollars in conservative ads against ObamaCare might have backfired and actually boosted enrollment in key states, according to a new study.”

“A fellow with the Brookings Institution found a ‘positive association’ between ad spending against ObamaCare and enrollment in health plans under the law.”
Niam Yaraghi of Brookings: “The following plot compares the per capita spending on anti-ACA ads and the enrollment ratio in 49 states.”

“The blue dots represent the states in which Senate Democrats are up for re-election in 2014, while the red dots represent the states in which Republican Senators are running for re-election. The states in which no Senate midterm elections are held are shown in green.”

Enrollment Ratio and Per Capita Anti-ACA Advertising
ACA ads
The Hill: “The trend appeared strongest in states with competitive Senate races this year, where conservative groups are spending widely on ads against the Affordable Care Act.”

“In states where Senate Democrats are up for reelection, ad spending against the law correlated with higher enrollment … The opposite was true in states where Senate Republicans are defending seats.”

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    correlation is not causation

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