Large Majority Want to Shelter, Not Deport, Migrant Children

Washington Post: “When asked what the U.S. government should do about all the children arriving alone at the U.S. border, some 70 percent of Americans said they favor offering the minors shelter and support while determining whether they were eligible to stay in the country.”

The results varied widely by age and political party affiliation.


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  • arebel1

    Please, let me be the first to throw the BS flag!

    • Lumpenproletariat

      Sorry, not liking the results isn’t sufficient evidence to invalidate the results.

      • arebel1

        And I just took a poll in living room and 100% want illegals deported. You can get any poll rusults you want.

        • aspromised

          If the Fox-Hannity-Cruz bubble is in your living room then your results are not surprising. It’s a minority view, you just didn’t know you were in the minority. Ha.

          • arebel1

            And the 99.9999% that doesn’t live within the beltway.

        • Lumpenproletariat

          That can’t be a serious response.

          “…want illegals deported.”

          I think there may have been some problems with the methodology of your questions, dude. For one thing, “illegals” are being deported – 30,000 every month, in fact. Did your survey include any specific references to the child refugee crisis?

          “You can get any poll results you want.”

          Sorry, you can’t just blithely dismiss a respected polling organization like PRRI. If you have any specific grievances with their polling and methodology, you’re free to bring them to the table. You don’t, because you haven’t looked at the survey or their methodology and wouldn’t know anything about conducting polls if you did. You just don’t like the results, and thus have come to the conclusion that the results simply must be wrong, because otherwise that would make arebel1 sad. And it doesn’t work that way.

          • Jack Combs

            What makes them refugees? refugees from what? Bad parenting?

          • Lumpenproletariat

            “refugees from what? Bad parenting?”

            If you are so uninformed about the subject that you have no idea why the children are coming here, why is it you feel the need to comment anyway?

          • Carroll Barber

            What do you not understand when they say take the garbage out? You take the garbage out. GInGOut 🙂

          • Mp2

            Please don’t feed the trolls.

    • aspromised

      Did you actually read the QUESTION? It simply asked if we shelter them while they are undergoing review process.
      How is it you have a problem with that?

      • Jack Combs

        They have been reviewed. they are here illegally

  • creeper

    “Public Religion Research Institution”, huh? I wonder if they’re connected with Baptist Childrens and Family services. You know them…they’re the group that wants to co-ordinate billions of dollars in payments to “foster” families. You’d think from their name that they’d be a religious group. You’d be wrong. Their website never mentions “God”. It does, however list twenty-eight governmental agencies they “partner” with.

    We’re being lied to and manipulated at every turn. This poll is, as arabek has already noted, BS.

    • Lumpenproletariat

      “”Public Religion Research Institution”, huh? I wonder if they’re connected with Baptist Childrens and Family services.”

      Is that a rhetorical question? Because you could have easily have found out the answer to that question.

      Of course, I suppose the alternative is expressing the real reason you don’t like this survey, right?

      “…It does, however, list twenty-eight government agencies…”

      Fascinating! That has nothing to do with the actual topic, but really, that’s very fascinating…

      “We’re being lied to and manipulated at every turn…”

      That’s probably true in your case. You do read Infowars and the Daily Caller, after all…

      • Jack Combs

        Backed by onumbnuts

        • Lumpenproletariat

          You’re going to have to explain that sentence fragment, dude. What is backed by Obama?

  • Jack Combs

    Another media lie I don’t know anyone who even wants them here

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