Obamacare Unpopular But Public Wants it to Stay

Kaiser Family Foundation‘s latest poll shows Obamacare’s unpopularity reaching an all time high of 53% in July, up 8% since last month’s poll.

“Despite the increase in the share with an unfavorable view of the ACA, a strong majority of the public continues to prefer that their representative in Congress work on improving the law (60 percent) rather than working to repeal and replace it with something else (35 percent), shares that have been consistent over the last several months. Even among Republicans and those with an unfavorable view of the law, about a third would prefer to see the law improved rather than repealed and replaced (32 percent and 36 percent, respectively).”

Majority Wants Congress To Work To Improve ACA

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  • David Bluefeather

    Single payer.

    • guest

      ms. blueballs – I understand that there are lots of countries in the world that have exactly what all you communists are looking for. I am a poor man but I will give my last dollar to pay for a one way ticket for you to the utopia of your choice. take me up on it a$$hole. And to ms. blueballs buddy that wrote this article. I can make up and lie about any numbers I want too.

      • David Bluefeather

        Are you suffering from dementia or have you always been like this?

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