The Religious Right Takes a Stand for the Environment

New York Times reports on the preponderance of conservative religious leaders who are speaking out in support of President Obama’s environmental policies.

“More than two dozen faith leaders, including evangelicals and conservative Christians, spoke at the E.P.A.” public hearings on its proposed regulation to cut carbon pollution from power plants.

“This week’s hearings on the new E.P.A. rule gave [religious groups] an opportunity to make their argument that climate change hurts the world’s poor through natural disasters, droughts and rising sea levels, and that it is part of their faith to protect the planet.”

“In recent years a number of conservative religious groups have embraced global warming as a serious concern.”

Katharine Hayhoe, an evangelical Christian and climate scientist at Texas Tech: “Rather than letting our faith dictate our politics, we’ve gotten to the point for many of us where we’re letting our politics — typically what the Republican Party says — dictate our faith … Caring about God’s creation and caring about God’s people is entirely consistent with caring for your neighbor.”

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  • UnionLeague

    If conservative Christians believe in global warming I wonder if Republicans will change their minds or just declare that global warming contradicts their Doctrine of Ayn Rand.

  • embo66

    Frankly, 65%+ of Americans support the EPA’s proposed regulations on coal-fired plants, etc. I’m glad that some conservative Christians are speaking out — but their support is notable only in that it is so unexpected.

    I’d love to see them square their Christian beliefs about “caring for your neighbor” with the Republican Party’s laissez faire economic platform, including tax cuts for the rich and gutting the very spending which helps that neighbor.

  • Allen Eltor

    Actually Dr. Hanson’s early research leading to there being something called a ”Green House Gas” law has been discovered in violation of the same Ideal Gas Law his colleagues said – would always be violated by his constant scheming.

    Dr. Hansen’s ferver was outshined by his error: the Gas Constant ‘R’ in The Ideal Gas Law,

    is still the one used in calculation of aeronautic data for trajectories of orbital equipment,

    and no Green House Gas Effect OR Law

    was ever found.

    This is constantly glossed over by people waving the “Green House Gas” banner.

    There WAS no alternative formula found because the Ideal Gas Law remains firmly in place,

    specifically forbidding any ”Green House Gas” effect whatever.

    That’s why in aeronautics there isn’t and never was any mention of it, while the Ideal Gas Law is used to calculate the temperatures of parcels of atmospheric air just like NASA always did.

    It’s why Hansen’s peers disliked him, specifically, they said so. “Dr. Hansen’s computer models don’t even obey the Ideal Gas Law.”

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