Obamacare Premiums Won’t Skyrocket as Many Predicted

Jonathan Cohn: “Back in the spring, once it became apparent that enrollment in Obamacare would nearly match or even exceed projections, the law’s detractors on the right started coming up with new predictions of doom. Among the most popular: Premiums in 2015 would soar, these critics said, because the people signing up for coverage would be older and sicker than the insurance companies had expected…”

“More than four months later, we have some better information. Insurers have filed their proposed 2015 premiums with state regulators and the regulators have started making those submissions public. It’s still too early to draw definitive, specific conclusions. But a group of experts that I consulted agreed that a clear trend is emerging.”

“Coverage will get more expensive for the majority of consumers, as it almost always does. Changes in premiums will vary enormously, from state to state and from plan to plan. But, overall, the 2015 premiums increases will not be significantly worse than they were in the past. They might even be a little better.”

Average premium increases, non-group market, by state -- via PWC

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    Florida announced on Monday a 13.2% average increase for insurance rates for next year.
    What might be more useful would be an average of increases in the five years before 2009 projected out for ten years, against the actual increases for 2009-2014 and continuing forward. Perhaps some estimated adjustments could be noted for the additional costs attributable to the ACA.

    • ASRKC

      Then there is this article which suggests hidden, undiscoverable increases which are determined later, resulting in additional payments to IRS or reduced refunds:


      • Yes, trust the National Journal to muddy the water by ‘suggesting’ additional increases that ‘might’ come later and ‘could’ raise the costs.

        “you MIGHT end up paying a whole lot more.”

        “its customers COULD still end up owing thousands of dollars more for their premiums.”

        They give a lot of reasons why this could happen, and some of them sound pretty logical – but none of them are sure to happen.

  • Steve

    Wow, Roll Call shilling for Obama. Shocking.

    Mr. Goddard, so are you in line to be his next chief of staff or what?

  • M van dongen

    So lets see, Increased premium by 10-20% twice in a row, less coverage, reduced amount of caregivers, increased ( or ballooned ) amount of $ before payments kick in. And you say that what you pay for what you get hasn’t skyrocketed ? Next shill pls.

  • micmikeee

    my premium is going from 516 to 800 thanks to the big O

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