2015 Premium Increases Are Significantly Below Dire Obamacare Predictions

The Health Research Institutes at Price Waterhouse Coopers: “A picture of the 2015 insurance landscape is beginning to emerge. Publicly released premium increases across about 27 states and the District of Columbia vary widely, ranging from a low of -23% in Arizona to a high of 36% in Nevada. The average rate increase across states reporting data is 7.5%, while the average monthly premium (without subsidies) is around $384.”

The Hill: The data show modest increases “mostly falling short of dire predictions for ObamaCare’s second year.”

“The average national increase of 7.5 percent is ‘well below the double-digit increases many feared,’ HRI Managing Director Ceci Connolly wrote in an email.”

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  • Berkshire_Boy

    The Teabillies don’t care. If it has the word Obama attached to it it must be evil.

  • Wynstone

    Who are people going to believe? Studies like this or the anonymous internet commenter who says their premium has tripled due to “Obamacare”? I say the internet commenter.

    • plus benghazi

  • Rex Remes

    What were the premium increases in 2011, 2012, 2013 ?

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