Obamacare’s ‘Woodwork Effect’ or ‘Welcome Mat?’

Margot Sanger-Katz for The New York Times: Call it a side effect of the Affordable Care Act: Even in states that haven’t changed their Medicaid programs, nearly a million people signed up for Medicaid this year.

“Many people who were always eligible for the program realized they could sign up, in part because of widespread discussion about the Affordable Care Act.”

“But Medicaid enrollment has also increased this year in many states that chose not to accept federal funds. Data from Medicaid released Friday show that enrollment jumped in most states that did not expand their programs, including Georgia (16 percent), Montana (10 percent), Idaho (9 percent) and Florida (7 percent). Altogether, enrollment in Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program in the states that didn’t make any changes has gone up by 975,000.”

“Officials in Washington use ‘welcome mat.’ Other states with tight budgets and less enthusiasm for program growth often use the term ‘woodwork.’ Either way, these people are the incidental beneficiaries of Obamacare.”

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  • easton

    and the Republicans have to pay out of pocket for it in those red states instead of having it 100% funded. smooth job Republs.

    • i know it really sucks for poor folk in those states but it does seem crazy the way the red states cut off their nose to spite their face.

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