African Countries Try Medieval Tactic to Head Off Ebola Virus

“The Ebola outbreak in West Africa is so out of control that governments there have revived a disease-fighting tactic not used in nearly a century: the ‘cordon sanitaire,’ in which a line is drawn around the infected area and no one is allowed out,” the New York Times reports.

“Cordons, common in the medieval era of the Black Death, have not been seen since the border between Poland and Russia was closed in 1918 to stop typhus from spreading west. They have the potential to become brutal and inhumane. Centuries ago, in their most extreme form, everyone within the boundaries was left to die or survive, until the outbreak ended.”

“Plans for the new cordon were announced on Aug. 1 at an emergency meeting in Conakry, Guinea, of the Mano River Union, a regional association of Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia, the three countries hardest hit by Ebola, according to Agence France-Presse. The plan was to isolate a triangular area where the three countries meet, separated only by porous borders, and where 70 percent of the cases known at that time had been found.”

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  • Typical Sheep

    .but Americans brought the infected workers and the virus into their country….hmmmm

    • embo66

      Are you afraid? Why? The 3 healthy missionaries in NC are still in a mandatory 3-week quarantine to make sure they don’t have the virus, much less spread it.

      Ebola is not nearly as contagious as many other pathogens, such as the flu. In fact, it can only be transmitted through direct contact with bodily fluids. It is not an airborne contagion. And all previous outbreaks in Africa have been contained through old-fashioned quarantine methods.

      So unless you’re planning to Frech-kiss a Liberian missionary working with Ebola patients, I think you can relax.

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