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March 29, 2015

Even the Most Conservative Cities Are Liberal

Vox: “Even the most conservative cities in America are barely right of center, as this great chart from the Economist, based on research from Chris Tausanovitch at UCLA and Christopher Warshaw at MIT, shows.”

“What’s interesting is how liberal even the median big city is. Cincinnati, for example, hangs around the center of big cities’ political spectrum, but the Economist’s chart shows it’s still fairly liberal.”


  • Eli Odell Jackson

    Maybe it’s cause liberals live in the cities?
    Just guessing….

  • Roar Lion Roar

    The title is clearly not entirely correct – at least 10 cities are conservative, the most conservative of them about as conservative as 63% African-American Memphis is liberal.

    But I’m more interested in commenting on the implicit comparison between the predominantly liberal cities. As with any comparison between cities proper, the graph reflects in part how narrowly or broadly they draw their boundaries. To wit, nine of the ten largest cities are all among the more conservative half (and the second and third-largest cities are among the conservative top 5), while nine of the ten most liberal cities are all among the smallest 1/3rd (and include four of the seven smallest).

    To the extent the graph functions as a ranking, then, it would be more useful to rerank by some measure of urbanity that doesn’t rely upon somewhat arbitrary local decisions about where to draw the city limits, or instead by metropolitan area. That would probably substantially bump up the list larger liberal cities like New York (which is more than six times larger than Boston), Chicago (4x larger than Minneapolis), Los Angeles (10x larger than San Francisco), and even Houston (twice as large as Austin).

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