Which States Are Ardent Recipients of Surplus Military Gear?

Christopher Ingraham: “The Defense Department’s excess property program provides state and local law enforcement agencies with hundreds of millions of dollars worth of unused military equipment annually … These figures show exactly what kinds of equipment are being provided, where the equipment is going … and how the flow of equipment has increased dramatically over the past eight years.”

“In 2006, the Pentagon transferred roughly $33 million worth of goods to local agencies. By 2013 that number had risen more than tenfold, to at least $420 million.”

“Some states are more enthusiastic participants in the program than others … Alabama is on top, receiving more than $10,000 worth of military goods since 2006 for every sworn officer in the state. Delaware is second, at a relatively modest $5,800 per officer. Tennessee, Florida and D.C. are ranked three through five, respectively.”


“The free flow of combat gear like assault rifles and grenade launchers, and especially the sudden steep rise in transfers of heavily armored combat vehicles, should give anyone pause.”

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  • Carroll Barber

    They are police, not soldiers. When they get swatted-up, they have a hard-on that won’t go down until they have murdered someone. Word! 🙂

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