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February 27, 2015

The Futility of a Militarized Police Force

Leonid Bershidsky: “As the governor of Missouri calls out the National Guard to finish what Ferguson’s armed-for-combat police started, it’s hard not to question the efficiency, or even intelligence, of this kind of paramilitary policing.”

“Police officers around the world are becoming convinced they are fighting a war on something or other, whether that’s drugs, terrorism, anarchists or political subversion. This mindset contrasts with the public’s unchanged perception of what the police should be doing, which is to keep the streets safe, a conceptual clash that can lead to unexpected results.”

“That reaction helps to explain why the heavily armed police in Ferguson, Missouri … were unsuccessful.”

“Arming police with military weaponry and outfitting them for battle is a recipe for creating violent conflict where there was none and achieves the opposite of keeping public order. Governments need to make an effort to convince citizens that they are seen as allies, not enemies. Then there will be fewer rioters and insurgencies for military or paramilitary forces to suppress.”

  • Carroll Barber

    Every jack-booted thug cop should read this article. You are placing a target on your own back. :)

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