Are Drop in ER Visits a Bellweather of Obamacare Success?

LA Times: “The pace of growth in Los Angeles County emergency room visits slowed in the early months of Obamacare, according to state records that offer a first local look at a key objective of the healthcare overhaul.”

“The inefficiency of using crowded and high-cost emergency rooms for basic medical care is a central problem Obamacare is supposed to correct. By requiring most Americans to sign up for medical insurance — and subsidizing premiums for the needy — the new healthcare system is intended to improve regular, preventative care and reduce unnecessary emergency room usage.”

“As a result, ER data is being closely watched by those seeking ‘to declare success or failure’ for the controversial healthcare law.”

L.A. County emergency room visits

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  • Mike

    Yet another ACA prediction where Republicans have been dead wrong. We’re still waiting for just one of the Republican’s dire predictions about the ACA to come true. Just one. So far, they are batting 1000% wrong.

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