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September 17, 2014

How Much Will Obamacare Premiums Rise?

Vox: “Average Obamacare premiums will rise 8.2 percent next year, according to an analysis from PriceWaterhouseCoopers. That figure relies on the 29 states that have so far released premium data for 2015. It varies from state to state, as you can see in the map below.”

“An 8.2 percent increase in premiums would be slightly smaller than the hikes that happened before Obamacare.”


obamacare premiums.0 How Much Will Obamacare Premiums Rise?

  • Lorehead

    Glad to see Oregon premiums are expected to fall. A lot of people were worried that Moda was trying to corner the market.

  • Rex Remes

    Wasn’t Obamacare supposed to reduced health care expenditures?

    • Lumpenproletariat

      Pop quiz, is 8.2 less than 10?

      • Golbez

        Your quiz is too hard. Got any Where’s Waldo books?

        ~Average republican.

      • Rex Remes

        Yes … 8.2 is less than 10.

        Pop quiz for you. If something cost $100 last year. And now costs over $108 … then has its cost gone up or been reduced?

        • Lumpenproletariat

          If it was going to cost 110$ otherwise? It’s been reduced.

          I know, it’s hard to grasp, but you’ll get there.

          • PopTop

            Are those Washington DC flaps you have over your eyes? “going to cost” what the hell!!

          • Rex Remes

            Did Obama promise to reduce/slow the increase in healthcare costs or to reduce healthcare costs?

          • Rex Remes

            My question was: Wasn’t Obamacare supposed to reduced health care expenditures?

            Reduce expenditures does not mean to reduce future increases.

  • jjj-truthisalwaysthere

    there you go.. a misapplied, improperly discussed law, jammed through legislation for political gain…
    then omg? increases? but Saint Obama told us everything would be better.. lol
    “the 8% increase is slightly smaller than the hikes that happened before Obamacare” you mean less than the 9%+ increases that happened every year from 2010 when the law was passed until 2014 when it was “implemented” ?
    man, how much more do you democrats need to wake up and realize you made a *huge* mistake here…
    we have $17Trillion (with a ‘T’) debt.. with our *subsidized* (for you democrats, that means either our tax money or future debt) health care, how do you think that will affect our chances of becoming solvent?
    basically all of the ridiculously optimistic premises and calculations in this law which were expected to pay for this government shattering expense have already been shown to be unconsciously/ almost negligently optimistic and flawed.
    so do you think our initial signers will make it to medicare before Obamacare bankrupts the government?
    wow.. its amazing how much people can ignore right in front of their face when they really want to believe something.
    debate it all you want. ill bet anybody here $1T this law will eventually bankrupt our country or turn it into socialist society (is like most of Europe where most citizens cannot even afford cars)

  • jjj-truthisalwaysthere

    Rex, thats not a dig on you.. obviously youre one of the smarter ones who saw through this sham from the start.. my post is meant for those who argued so vehemently and vilified the republicans for trying to stop this travesty.
    im wondering if any of them will eventually be smart enough to realize that they should have been thanking the republicans from trying to stop this country from making such a *huge* mistake

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